“You guys are amazing. I truly love the communication and love that my son loves to go to school. We’ve tried one other place and he hated it. He screamed and begged me to not leave him so I took him out. He always tells me how much fun he’s having. I’m so thankful God sent us to you guys.”
-Mom of 3 Year Old

"I can't say enough about how great you all are.  You guys have made a challenging time in our life not only easier, but our grandson has just blossomed!"
-Bridge Academy Grandparent

"My girls were ready for school and were already reading going into kindergarten.  The spiritual component of this program is why I chose to keep my girls in preschool while I was working full time.  The extra cost to ensure their spiritual well-being was by far worth it.  This preschool has proven to be essential in our family's lives and my children are better academically, socially, and spiritually."

“I was texting my friend and I cannot believe we ever thought our old preschool was good.  I hate to say it, but it was nothing compared to The Bridge Academy!  And- you take allergies seriously!  It's just so awesome!  You run the program so well, that is so amazing!  We are so happy with The Bridge!  You are awesome and Mrs. Jen is, too- Parker has learned so much already!  So so happy!!”
-Fallon H.

"The Bridge Academy is a good choice.  I always hear good things from there and have had students come from there ready for Kindergarten.”

"My youngest daughter loves going to school and even asks to go during the holidays!!  The Staff members are talented, loving, and very dedicated.  I could not think of a better place for my kids during their early childhood."

“As a first time mom, I wasn’t sure about the whole “preschool” thing. But the teachers and staff at The Bridge made the transition so easy and everyone was so welcoming.  I refer parents when I can because I am so happy that we are now a part of this wonderful preschool!”
-Kelly Askew

“We are going to miss the school and staff a lot, especially Daiwik. I thank the school staff from the bottom of my heart, in giving such a good start to my son’s academics. We saw tremendous improvement in him from day one till now, right from his academic knowledge to his overall personality development. The amount of love, affection, and care shared by the teachers with the kids is great!   Special thanks for his class teacher, Ms.Courtney, she is just awesome!"
-Rashmi Gowda 

“Without any doubt, I can say Daiwik’s first school will always remain as his best. We are taking with us all the special memories spent in Bridge Academy. Miss you all a lot! With lots of love.”

“We are missing “The Bridge Academy” school and staff a lot!! We had to change my son’s school due to house move, but we miss the school a lot for several reasons… Especially the personal attention taken on each child and the best parent/teacher interaction I have ever seen… All of you are so lucky to have your kids there .. Only after changing the school have we realized the most of what we are missing” 
-Rashmi Jay

“This is a wonderful place! I love the staff and the environment. My child has blossomed so much from just a year ago. An amazing place! So happy my son is part of this preschool family.”
-Sarah Stanley

“We love everyone at The Bridge!! We weren’t sure how our youngest would transition to a new preschool after moving from Florida where she and her brother and sister attended the same preschool over the last 4 years, but she’s done GREAT!!! And that’s an absolute testament to the caring and compassionate staffers at The Bridge! As a board member, I love sitting in the hallways working on projects and listening to what’s going on in all the classrooms. The teachers are incredibly patient and tender with every single kiddo!! We’re so happy we found The Bridge.”
-Brent Knox 

“She seems well prepared, so great job! She came in and seemed to have some background knowledge on letters, sounds and numbers.  She is quick to get her work done and so far has been a hard worker getting it finished and neatly! Awesome work!  To say that I am happy with the decision to send my little girl to The Bridge Academy would be the understatement of the year! This experience has far exceeded my expectations, in every way. My daughter is in Transitional 4’s this year, and can now READ. She’s now 5, but started reading at age 4 1/2. That blows my mind! Her social skills have improved tremendously…..after being home with just me for 4 years, I was starting to get concerned…..Not anymore! 🙂 She LOVES going to school every day, and that brings me such comfort and joy.  The Bridge Academy is a small school with a BIG HEART. And I have made some life long friends from there, all while sending my little girl to the best little school around!”
-Sheri Weber


“Both of my children spent their preschool years at The Bridge Academy and were better for it. They were ready for kindergarten and could already read before many of their school-age classmates. The focus on academic and spiritual instruction is unparalleled! I would highly recommend them to any and all parents seeking a partner in their child’s development.”
-Nate Garrett, Youth Evangelist

“We have been completely thrilled with our experience and how much our daughter has learned in such a short time.  Always happy to provide a recommendation!  The little girl who lives behind us will be going next year.  I know they will love it!”
-Carrie Lique

"First let me just thank you Mrs. Tina and the staff at Bridge Academy for everything you do. My son has never enjoyed school but has actually been in tears over having to miss these two days. He genuinely gets excited about learning and loves an environment where his helpfulness is utilized. I cannot say enough great things about you guys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. "  

“The staff are so wonderful and truly love investing their time and energy into the kids. My son was in the 5’s class and my daughter was in the 3’s class and both of them absolutely loved their classes and they asked to go to school every day even on the weekends. The Bridge has the best healthy snacks and since all the kids are served the same thing, even my picky 3 year old tried new vegetables and other healthy snacks that she normally would not try if I had served them to her. I am an elementary teacher and my son learned all the kindergarten standards (reading/math) in the 5’s class- so kindergarten will be an absolute breeze for him next year. I’m so impressed with the mixture of strong academic instruction, small class sizes, fun projects, and free play/outdoor time. I could go on and on, but in essence, I recommend the Bridge to all my friends and you will not be disappointed if you send your toddler here!”
-Stephanie H.