WELCOME to The Bridge Church!

We are so glad you came by for a visit! You will find the Bridge Church to be a warm and friendly, inviting atmosphere where you and your family are welcomed.  We invite you to join us in celebration of worship, Christian fellowship, study and service.  When you become a part of our exciting journey of faith, you will be encouraged, challenged, and renewed in spirit!  As you simply come, our prayer is that you will be encouraged in your faith and find a sense of belonging here at The Bridge Church. We look forward to an opportunity to meet you face to face.

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Current Service Options


*DISCIPLESHIP FOR ALL AGES @ 9:30 AM -  We welcome you to The Bridge Church, 2940 Charlotte Hwy. in Mooresville! The Nursery (for 0-23 months) is now open!  We have Family Services happening that engage a multi-generational congregation and we welcome families to join us here at Mooresville's Family Church!

Giving may be done online through website or app or during the offering time in services.  We appreciate your continued faithfulness!

LIVESTREAM: 10:30 AM- Watch live on Facebook, Youtube, or now- directly through our app and website!  Sermons are available on all of these social media outlets for your viewing at any time.


“These people love like a true family! God is definitely in this place.”
-Shane B.

“Down to earth friendly people and they welcome you in with open arms! Love the pastor, he is such a great person!!”
-Tammy M.

“This is the most diverse church I’ve been to!  They accept you no matter what- it's like a family. I love these people. I recommend this church to anyone who is looking for a church but doesn’t feel as though they fit in at other churches.”
-Brittany D.

"Great church, youth ministry, wonderful Pastor. Very caring church. Great ministry. I love my church."
-Jo P.

"The Bridge is the most loving bunch of people you'll ever find. It's not a church, it's a family. People who greet you at the door with a smile and a welcoming handshake. You feel the Love of the Lord through music and praise. Come join the Celebration of our Savior, Jesus Christ!"
-Patricia L.

"It's a very friendly atmosphere!"
-Julisa C.

"Pastor Dan is awesome!"
-Terri W.

"No one is a stranger. Friendly, loving & caring people.  Services are from the Bible. Weekly, I am happy I showed up to be fed the words of the Bible. There is a peace in our church.  There is so much love shared in our congregation & everyone is welcome. Our doors are opened to anyone. Come as you are! Come worship with us." 
-Phyliss G.

"I love the Bridge Church Family, they have always shown our family love and care.  Come join us for one of our Services- you will be welcomed with open arms and the Spirit of God."
-Jean W.

"This church is beautiful, full of amazing people. The Pastor is Great and his sermons even better. I'm always leaving service having learned something or obtained some knowledge of God's Word each time. My children love coming here and I'm thankful they reach to all ages." 
-Tiffany C.

"The Bridge Church is full of warm friendly people who shine with the love of God within them! It is like being in the arms of Jesus every Sunday that I go to church...Bless everyone!" 
-Peri S.

"A Church is made up by the people that are involved with others... These are the most welcoming people I have the pleasure of meeting. We study and share the word of our Lord as written in the Bible. There are so many places to fit in and share- it truly is a great, big, loving family... a blessing from God."
-Jean C.

"A warm atmosphere and you can feel the Holy Spirit in the Church!!"
-Joseph E.

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