Dan West

Lead Pastor

My wife, Patience, and I are very excited to lead a church that understands Love and Truth. We began our journey to ministry with my call to preach early in our marriage. In 2010, after a substantial part of my ministerial education was behind me, I began my path into full time ministry as an Associate Pastor at Dothan First Church of the Nazarene. After my ordination in April 2012, I felt led to seek opportunities to lead a church. After accepting the role of Senior Pastor at Cenchrea Church of the Nazarene in November of 2012 and spending four years and four months there, the call to The Bridge was clearly presented to me- and we are here firmly believing it is the will of God. We are excited to be here and look forward to faithfully preaching the Gospel in and around the Mooresville area where we reside with all six of our children.  We are blessed with four daughters and two grown sons!  We are thankful to be here and humbly hope to fruitfully serve our congregation and community!

Patience West

Pastor's Wife/Media Assistant

Previously Admin, now as the Media Assistant for The Bridge Church, I get to do the media development for our website, app, and social media. I enjoy working alongside my husband in our ministry in my role as Pastor's Wife. For 2019/20, I was able to sit on The Bridge Academy Parent Board. Volunteering for many years for Kid's Camp on several districts, I have also previously held positions on the SDMI (now NDI) and NMI Councils for the Louisiana District, including starting Kidz Quest (kid's version of TNT) on the Alabama South and Louisiana Districts and the Children's Mission Rally on the Louisiana District. In my early 20's and into my 30's I held the Children's Director position at two of the churches I have attended. Currently, I am the newly elected NC District Women's Ministry Director for the Nazarene Church and have led our online Bible Studies here at The Bridge since Spring of 2020. My calling is to write…encouraging and inspiring others through the Word of God and by the word of my personal testimony. Along with my husband of 20 years, I have been raising six blessings! My Loves include: Jesus, my husband + children, family + friends, our ministry + church family, writing, reading, Genealogy & Ancestry, watching movies, shopping at antique stores with my oldest son, antiquing furniture, crafts, making leather jewelry, Target runs with my girls, long talks with my youngest son, strolling through Hobby Lobby with my coffee in hand, a good cup of coffee, and did I mention COFFEE?! I am a Writer, Speaker, Online Shoppe Owner, MONAT Associate Market Builder, Chalk Couture Designer, and the best part- I am a Mama, Pastor's Wife, and now 4's Teacher at The Bridge Academy! 

Robyn Zwilinske

The Bridge Academy Director

Married to Joe for almost 17 years, we are originally from New York City, moving to Mooresville in 2010 and simply love living here.  It is a great place to raise a family. We have two daughters and our youngest attended The Bridge Academy from age 2 to graduating at the age of 5. We have one dog, Brownie, and a cat named Bailey. One of my favorite hobbies is reading. We are a Christian family that believes our Heavenly Father is present in all aspects of our daily lives and have made The Bridge Church our home.  I have been in the education field since 1999 and have served with the preschool since 2011. I have several years experience and training in Early Childhood education and Childhood Psychology. In my spare time, spending time with my family is an enjoyment as I watch my girls grow and learn more and more everyday.  

Gayle Johnson

Administrative Volunteer

Born and raised in Ohio, I am a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, though I still cheer for the Browns and Indians, too!  I've always been a Nazarene Girl...  Moving to NC over 32 years ago, after a few years passed, I started attending the Nazarene Church in Mooresville, where I was the Youth Leader for 10 years.  I loved every minute of it!  I have been married to my husband, Mike, for almost 27 years!!!  We have a dog, Brutus, who is crazy. We enjoy our four grandchildren and their spouses along with one great grandson by way of Mike's children, Michelle (Mark) and Chris (Amy).  My Mom and brother, Michael, live in Florida while my oldest brother, Don, and his family live in Ohio.  I also have a niece, Brittany, who lives with her family in Colorado.

Tanya Kurylo

Church Admin

My name is Tanya Kurylo.  I am from Ukraine and we moved here in May 2022 because of the situation in Ukraine.  I have been working many years with orphans and different organizations who were part of this great work of God.  I have met a lot of new people and developed a lot of new skills.  I love all those years... so many great new relationships.  I have learned one lesson- all that matters are people.  I also work with orphans and families from the U.S. who adopted kids here now.

I love God and all He has done in my life.  I love the way He spoils me and cares about me.  We have two kids. They are my husband’s kids and they have taught me a lot about what love really means.  I am still in the learning process with them.  Adoption and that process helps me to see how God adopted me.  I am still learning, but this has changed my life.

I am excited about my new role at The Bridge church (the funny fact is that back in Ukraine, we were part of a church with the name “Bridge”).  I believe God opened this door for me and I am excited to see where He would lead us.

Jeff Imbody

Worship Team Coordinator

When I was three years old, my mother took me with her to the church women’s group to sing for them. I think I sang All Creatures Great And Small, and I have been performing ever since!

I studied literature, education, and music in college and graduate school in Massachusetts. I have been a teacher, an Inclusion Specialist supporting children with disabilities, a Youth Ministries Coordinator, a retail sales manager, and currently own and operate my own lesson and music studio.  I have also always been in a band, playing with a worship team, teaching music to someone, writing songs, or playing for myself and my family, keeping music as my center.

I moved to North Carolina in 2008, and have never regretted running away from Massachusetts and all that snow.  I am happy and settled here in Mooresville with my wonderful wife, Annette, and our dog, Levi.  
My love of music, literature, and teaching is only superseded by my love of God, and my desire to bring Christ’s message to others through music.  I am looking forward to working with this worship team and fulfilling my lifelong desire to reach others through God’s gift of music!


S.H.I.E.L.D. NYI Teen Coordinator

Bio coming soon...


NYI President

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Jean Clark

NMI President

My husband Tim, pup Hope, and I moved to Mooresville in 2020.  We are originally from the Merrick/Bellmore area of New York.  I have three daughters and one son and have been truly blessed with five grandchildren ranging in age from 7 - 20 years old.  Tim and I are members of The Bridge Church where I get the great pleasure of running the church Food Pantry!  I am blown away by the generosity of those who keep the pantry stocked!  For the last two years, I have been volunteering at The Bridge Academy, enjoying the love of the LORD that is being shared with the children as a Volunteer. 

Jonathan Myers

NDI Superintendent

From the Buckeye State, Jonathan moved to Tennessee as a teenager and after high school completed a three-year tour of active duty in the U.S. Army. Jonathan was raised in the church and while completing his Bachelor’s degree at Tennessee State University attended Nashville First Church of the Nazarene where he met Julie. He served there with Mike Benson as the co-leader of the Single-Adults Sunday School Class. Jonathan married Julie and the two moved to Fayetteville, NC where  Fayetteville Church of the Nazarene quickly became their home church.  It was here where he actively participated on the church softball and volleyball teams and served on the Church Board for over six years.  Moving to Charlotte in 2005 brought them to Trinity Church of the Nazarene for the next 15 years.  There, Jonathan served as the Church Board Secretary for many years and facilitated the Adults Developing Daily Sunday School class for 14 years while serving in many other capacities. In 2020, The Bridge Church was blessed to receive the Myers, taking them into membership in 2021.  They wasted no time jumping into our fellowship- with Jonathan sharing in facilitating Sunday School and Julie serving in other areas as well.  In what spare time he has, Jonathan enjoys reading, bike riding, hiking, spending time in the mountains, traveling, and enjoying time playing Disc Golf with anyone, and especially with his granddaughter, Carrigan.  He is enthusiastic about serving in ministry here at The Bridge and we are excited to have him as our new Men's Ministry Director and NDI Superintendent!  Great things await!

Kevin Berning


Bio coming soon...

Tamara Martin


I have attended The Bridge Church off and on for years, but my children and I started attending regularly in 2015 when I joined the church. Soon after, my daughter and I re-dedicated our lives to Christ and were baptized here. I immediately became involved with the Children’s Ministry. In March 2016, I joined the Preschool Staff and the church's preschool class.  Currently, I serve in a financial capacity as the Bookkeeper.